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Stroke Recovery Burlington Meeting on Wednesday February 28th at 12 Noon

Updated: Mar 3

Good morning everyone

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday February 28th at 12 noon.  We are excited to have the Burlington Fire Department as a guest speaker.  It’s a great idea to get an update on fire prevention what to do to escape a fire. Being a stroke survivor/ caregiver, it’s even more important to have an escape plan and know what to do & where to go in a potential life threatening situation.

Please confirm your attendance as we will once again be ordering lunches from Marilu’s.

March of Dimes has asked all executives (volunteers ) to wear masks once again.  It is not mandatory for members to wear one.  We will have mask a box of masks at the front table for anyone wishing to do so.

Have a great day.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Debbie Butler


C - (905) 599-8332

Pictures taken at the above meeting:

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