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Order Pamphlets

Stroke Recovery Pamphlets Available:

  1. The Impact of Stroke upon the Family (An introduction to stroke issues for the family and caregiver ­ 8 page booklet)

  2. What is the SRA (now After Stroke)?

  3. What is stroke?

  4. Stroke is an emergency!

  5. Speech, Communication and Stroke

  6. Help for Caregivers

  7. Emotional and Behavioural Changes after Stroke

  8. Sexuality and Stroke


Cost of booklets (The Impact of Stroke upon the Family): 64 cents a copy, or $ 64.00 per hundred

Cost of pamphlets: 27 cents a copy, or $ 27.00 per hundred

These charges reflect our costs as a non-profit organization.

Please make cheque or money order payable to:

Stroke Recovery Burlington

Send to:


   Stroke Recovery Burlington

   460 Brant Street, Suite 320



   L7R 4B6

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