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Our annual festive dinner, held at Ruby’s Restaurant in The Village of Tansley Woods Wednesday, November 27th, was a great success. A large turnout of members and their families enjoyed good fellowship and a great dinner once again!

At our first Fall meeting, September 25th, we had the pleasure of a presentation by Keith Rashid, the March of Dimes tour coordinator. In order to illustrate the variety and scope of trips organized by the MODC he told us about some exciting trips coming up and some outstanding ones from the past.

SInce Keith had organized and participated in some great trips for our chapter he entertained us with a video of pictures he had taken.

Click on the start button at the lower left to play the video.

  • albeharrell

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Our Stroke Recovery Burlington 2019 Walk 'n Roll was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who helped organize, participated with the online donations, or made a donation.

Everything went very smoothly and we were blessed that the rain held off so we could walk

outside around the parking lot.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward and all the rest of the city councillors were away at a conference

but she sent a beautiful letter that Andy read at the cutting of the ribbon. A few days before the event we received word that MP Karina Gould was coming. She brought her son Oliver to help cut the ribbon. Karina gave us a certificate of achievement for our work within the community..

After the walk a number of participants and guests went for breakfast at the restaurant CORA at 3455 Fairview St. for brunch .


The photos below were taken by Ginny Mattuzzi of SNAPD Burlington who attended our event. Her report appears in the July issue of SNAPD.