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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

As we are now in the 4th month of social distancing, the board has decided to have a June general meeting using Zoom so we can finally see & talk to each other . It will be held on our regular meeting day & time,  June 24th at 7:00pm. 

Jocelyne has set up a link to enter the Zoom meeting which will be emailed to you prior to the meeting.  For anyone who has not tried a zoom meeting, all you have to do is click on the link.  It will send you directly into the zoom feature. The host will invite you to join into it.  Please say Yes to video and click on Audio so we can see and talk to you.  Once you are in the meeting, if you click on the Gallery feature you will be able to see the other members. 

For anyone who’s computer cannot get the zoom feature (Windows 7 cannot) please call:

Jocelyne Ilunga | Coordinator, Stroke Services

Community Programs & After Stroke

March of Dimes Canada

Phone:  905-522-2253 ext.4375

Toll Free:  1-866-244-3463 ext.4375

Our meeting is just to touch base with all of you, to see how you and what you have been doing over the last several months. 

We do hope you will  join us for this meeting.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Here is information on two ways to donate to Stroke Recovery Burlington:

On-line at -

Click on the website text on the line above to go to the website.

A window will come up showing Donate, Register, Login at the top right side. Choose Donate.

The next window will have a title centered at the top saying Donate Now.

Choose Team, enter "Stroke Recovery Burlington" where it says "Search by Team" and press the search icon at the end of the line (or if you are on your cellphone it will just ask you who you want donate to. Enter "Stroke Recovery Burlington")

It should show that it found "Stroke Recovery Burlington"

Click on Donate at the end of the line.

Enter your donation amount (in Canadian dollars) where it says Donation Amount (CAD)

Make your selection as to how you wish your donation to be listed.

Click on Continue.

Exit if you are finished or continue to other places on the website.

The website will be running until July 31st.

Cheque -

Please make out to " March of Dimes Canada" on the "pay to" line, and write "W&R Donation SR Burlington" on the “memo line” of the cheque. The deadline to get in all the cheques is July 31st. 

Post your cheque to:

Debbie Butler

P.O. Box 85012

Burlington, ON L7R2G0


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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

As we are unable to meet in person this year with our individual After Stroke Chapters, MODC has decided to host a virtual national Walk n Roll. There will be a Canada wide Zoom celebration on Saturday June 20th (see below). You will not need to make a donation to join the celebration online. However you will need to go to

and register in order to receive the invitation to join the Zoom meeting. If you make a donation online you will automatically receive an invitation to join the Zoom meeting.

This online celebration will allow us to connect, while raising awareness and funds for the After Stroke and the Aphasia & Communication Disabilities program (ACDP). The theme will be “20 for 20" for the Walk N Roll section. There will be lots of fun and interactive activities planned for the entire month of June. There will also be prizes for raising money and awareness of stroke and aphasia! You can participate in 20 for 20 by setting a goal for yourself to reach in the month of June. Here are some ideas: ● walking for 20 mins or 20 steps a day ● stretching for 20 mins ● Reading 20 pages of a book ● Anything that has to do with the number 20!

Then come join us from the comfort of your own home to celebrate the goals we have achieved. When: Saturday June 20, 2020 Time: 12:30 PM EST Where: Online in your home What: A day-long online virtual event The event will include a: ● concert ● Exercise classes ● dance party ● and more to raise awareness.

Walk N Roll is the perfect opportunity for everyone to participate in a meaningful way while fostering a spirit of community. Let’s raise awareness of stroke and aphasia together. We will have a great time!! Who: People of all ages and abilities. Invite your friends and families!

We hope that you may be inspired to donate to our Chapter by watching this event and/or by your desire to support Stroke Recovery Burlington for this coming year . Please see the Blog "2020 Walk n Roll donations to Stroke Recovery Burlington"

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