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At our April meeting we learned about an amazingly successful boating program called "Able Sail". This program places handicapped participants in the cockpit of a sailboat with access to the controls and a qualified companion to instruct and assist if necessary. The Able Sail program has been operating successfully for many years and takes place right here in Burlington at the LaSalle Park Marina.

Jim Casey, our presenter, was involved with the program from the outset and gave us an appreciation of the work that has gone into the program to ensure its success, the safety of the participants, and their thrill of being on the water and in control of a sailboat. The program is open to any person of any age (7 and up) with a physical or cognitive disability.

The website is

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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

At our March membership meeting we had the pleasure of being serenaded by a highly entertaining and talented barbershop quartet from the Golden Horseshoe Chorus. This Chorus is a larger group of singers that meet weekly for fellowship and practice at St. Mathews on the Plains Parish Hall (

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Above: 2018 Rock 'n Roll


Stroke Recovery Burlington (a Chapter of March of Dimes) yearly fund raiser Walk 'n Roll will be held at the Lions Club Sunday June 2 , 2019 from 8:30 - 10:15 . The Lions Club is located at 471 Pearl Street in Burlington .  Weather permitting, we will walk around the parking lot .  If it’s raining, it will be held inside the Lions Club hall . All are welcome to come and participate or cheer & encourage all who are survivors, caregivers, family and friends . Funds raised help stroke survivors and caregivers to integrate back into social activities.

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